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Star Trek T Shirts - Don't be the last red shirt in the away team standing! Change into something that will ensure you live long and prosper. Nerdyshirts is pleased to offer you a variety of Star Trek shirts and tees shipping directly from our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. Choose what kind of officer you wish to be, whether it be the science officer with the blue star trek shirt scanning a planets surface for lifeforms, a star fleet commander with the gold star trek shirt ordering your starship into battle, or the crew member with the red star trek shirt, but don't say we didn't worn you when you get vaporized! These funny t-shirts will show off your Star Fleet emblem proudly to other Trekkies who will want one of their own.

The original show of Star Trek with Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise crew started one of the longest running Sci-Fi series of all times. One of the most unique shows was the Star Trek cartoon. An action shot from that awesome cartoon has been printed on a shirt to show off a piece of Star Trek history. Pull off your own Kirk moment with this funny t-shirt. With our authentic looking shirts, you can be Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, commanding the flag ship of the Federation. You can even dress your own crew with each of the Star Trek shirts that we offer. Show off yourself in pride at the next Star Trek convention, being the envy of the green skinned aliens who will want a piece of you as well as a piece of that shirt.

Nerdyshirts offers their 6oz preshrunk 100% cotton shirts in a variety of sizes from extra small all the way up to the size of triple extra large, for all of those Worf-sized trekkers out there. Looking for more funny t-shirts? Check out the other categories to see what we offer. Also check out our retro watches or hoodies category as well to customize your Star Trek look. Set phasers to stun, Star Trek t-shirts are beaming to a ship near you.