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Comic book shirts are evergreen. They never go out of style. These shirts could have been sold decades ago, and they would have been just as cool then as they are now. But don't let that fool you- these shirts aren't retro. They're as current as today, and that's the beauty of comic book designs. The vintage superheros, especially the ones created by giants like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, have gotten vastly cooler than they were in their early days. They're not just relics from the Mom-and-Dad epoch. Like dinosaurs and other ancient things, these characters have accrued coolness with age. In the old days, characters like Superman, Batman and Spiderman were just policemen in tights. They went charging around defending the American Way, and their personalities were pretty flat. Now these guys have got a lot more attitude, and they're living in a world of terrorists and super-tech villains. Unlike most vintage icons, the old Marvel and DC Comics heros have grown up with the culture. A comic book is now a graphic novel, and they're still changing and growing. Along the way, they've gotten plenty of PR from movies, TV shows and other media stuff. Ozzy Osbourne is still singing about Iron Man. Green Lantern, Captain America and the Watchmen have also had their time in the spotlight, and they're not gone yet.

Something else that never loses its cool is funny T shirts. If it's funny now, it'll stay funny forever. With funny T shirts, you can wear a joke all day and get a smile from everybody you meet. Hilarious T shirt sayings are a great conversation-starter. Depending on the crowd you're in, rude T shirts can be even better. Of course, what some call funny T shirts, others would call offensive. That's why they're so funny, right? There's a fine line between funny T shirts and the most offensive T shirts in the world. We've got the most funny and offensive T shirts in the world right here.

These are 6oz pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts, and we've got sizes from extra small all the way up to triple extra large. We also have lots of other awesome stuff to wear and use. Check out our retro watches or hoodies category. To make sure your order is filled right, we ship all orders by hand from our warehouse in