This Wine Tastes Like I'll be Making Bad Decisions Funny Drinking T-Shirt


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      This wine has an interesting taste. It has that tang of regret but the deep complexities of a bad decision. Yes, this wine definitely tastes like I'll be making some bad decisions tonight. If you feel like you need a nice tall goblet of Rose or a light Reisling to get you through the long nights, then ask for wine with your meals!those ornaments right off the tree. Gotta Twerk it if you want those presents from Santa. Maybe you can twerk your way right in to his lap. Will Twerk for Gifts! If you're all about that Twerk, 'bout that Twerk, no breakdance then you need to get up on in this shirt and get the party started! No matter what you prefer in wine, this shirt is perfect for the wine lover in your life! Use it as a gift or if you are feeling extra saucy, keep it for yourself and wear it out on your next wine tour!