1. T-Shirt Ideas For When You're Pregnant On Halloween

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet!

    Halloween is quickly approaching and we’ve already given you a few ideas for how to get in the spirit and some hassle-free (read: lazy) costume ideas, but both of these things can become exponentially harder when you’re expecting a little ghoul of your own. That’s why here at Crazy Dog T-Shirts we have a policy: If you’ve got it, haunt it (see what we did there?). Show off that bump with one of our favorite Halloween Maternity shirts that are sure to get you in the spooky spirit.

    One Halloween style that is always a crowd pleaser is our Skeleton Rib Cage shirt – but when you’re pregnant, obviously there’s more than just one skeleton in there. So for you ladies that are getting spooky for two, we have our Skeleton Baby Maternity Shirt. Whether you're having a girl, boy, witch or Frankenstein, show off who's hanging in there with one of these funny tees!

    Skeleton Baby Girl

    Skeleton Baby Girl

    Skeleton Baby Boy

    Skeleton Baby Boy

    Skeleton Baby Witch

    Skeleton Baby Witch

    Skeleton Baby Frankenstein

    Skeleton Frankenstein Baby

    Not all Halloween shirts need to be on the scary side. Halloween is also an opportunity to show off just how darn cute you can be. Our adorable My Baby Loves line lets you do just that, while also bypassing the annoying “So what are your cravings!?” question. With this seasonal version, this soft t-shirt will show off your bump and announce that even though they may not be born yet, your baby already loves everything about Halloween (and really, who doesn’t?).

    My Baby Loves Halloween

    My Baby Loves Halloween

    Speaking of what your baby loves, if there’s one thing that is an undisputable fact it’s that kids love Halloween mostly for the candy. Prepare your baby for this fact of life with our Kick or Treat Maternity T-Shirt. Your baby may not be able to play tricks from the womb (at least we hope not…if they can then that’s a whole other conversation), but they sure can kick. Every time they give you a little love kick on Halloween night, they’re most likely saying “Kick or Treat!” and asking for some candy, and it’s best to just give them what they're asking for.

    Kick or Treat

    Kick or Treat

    Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’ve lost your sense of humor! Halloween is a day to pretend, so why not pretend that that big ol’ bump is actually a giant pumpkin you’re trying to smuggle past all of us unsuspecting bystanders? Hey, it could happen!

    Pumpkin Smuggler

    Pumpkin Smuggler

    And if you don’t want to pretend that the bump UNDER your shirt is a pumpkin, why not make the bump itself your own portable jack-o-lantern! In addition to men’s, women’s and kids styles, our cute and funny Pumpkin Face t-shirts also come in Maternity styles, so you can style the bump for whatever pumpkin mood you’re in.

     Pumpkin Face

    Pumpkin Face

    Halloween is coming up fast so don’t forget to browse the website to stock up on all things spooky. And while you’re here, take a peek at what we have in the works for Thanksgiving and Christmas…because it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!

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  2. The Best Darn Halloween Costumes of 2017

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet!  This week we continue our celebration of one of our favorite seasons (yes, Halloween is considered a season around here) with a few shirts for those of us that don’t like to, shall we say, plan ahead for Halloween. Coming up with a costume can be not only extremely time consuming, but draining on your brain AND more importantly, your wallet. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you and come up with hilarious t-shirts that not only act as a costume, but communicate your displeasure about having to come up with one at all. Best of all, we bet they’re way cheaper (and funnier) than whatever played out costumes your friends came up with!

    First, we have the perfect t-shirt “costume” for those of us that not only don’t have time to think of a costume, but really don’t want to. Our “Hello Name Tag” costume shirt lets everyone know right away that as far as costumes go, this is as good as it’s going to get. There will be no elaborate costume, because A) T-shirts are life, but also because B) this person HATES Halloween costumes.

    Hello My Name Is The Person Who Hate Halloween Costumes

    Another option for those that maybe don’t have as much total disdain for Halloween costumes, but would still prefer to not think of anything elaborate is our “I Never Plan for Halloween So This Is My Costume” t-shirt. People appreciate those who are self-aware, and letting them know your deal without having to open your mouth is always a plus. This thought process can also be conveyed with a similar shirt, which is more suited for someone who is just as lazy when it comes to Halloween but has always dreamed of being a cat (we have a few of those here...). A t-shirt that says “I’m A Kitty Meow” is easier (and more comfortable) than throwing on a pair of cat ears, right?

    I Never Plan For Halloween. This Is My Costume

    I Couldn't Find A Costume So This Shirt Will Have to Do. I'm A Kitty.

    Speaking of self-awareness, another way to go is to acknowledge that not only are you wearing a t-shirt as your costume, but it is the absolute worst Halloween costume you could think of. That brings us to our “Worst Halloween Costume Ever” t-shit. Bright orange, big spooky lettering announcing to the world that it is in fact the worst costume you could think of. Wear it loud, wear it proud.

    Worst Halloween Costume Ever

    Now we realize not everyone is disheartened by the thought of putting together Halloween costumes, so we have an option for those that want to be a little more elaborate (while still keeping it as easy as humanly possible). Our popular line of Flip Shirts are perfect for just that purpose. Make it extra ghoulish by choosing the “Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise” design. Guarantee you’ll be the hit of the party the moment the someone asks about it!

    Ask Me About My Zombie Disguise

    Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the elephant in the room: the Slutty Halloween Costume. Some may find this tradition in poor taste, but whether we like it or not it seems the idea of sexy Halloween costumes is here to stay. But never fear! We have a solution for that as well. If you’re the type of person that wants to participate in the Slutty Halloween Costume trend without *actually* participating, the “Slutty Nurse Costume” t-shirt is exactly what you need in your costume repertoire. Or “Slutty Math Teacher Costume”, or “Slutty Science Teacher Costume”…you get the idea.

    Slutty Nurse Costume

    These are just a few ideas to help get you started, but be sure to browse the rest of the website for more Halloween inspiration! And while you're here you can't miss the opportunity to Buy One Get One 50% Off or Buy 2 Get 2 FREE! That would just be silly. See you next week!

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  3. You Wanna Go Fa' Coff? 5 Funny T-Shirts For Coffee Lovers

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, we are constantly adding new designs to our repertoire of awesomely hilarious t-shirts. We know we know, that sounds exhausting. But the crazy folks that work behind the SCREENS (lol) at Crazy Dog HQ never tire of coming up with perfect puns, rude sayings, relationship jokes and everything in between to make our wonderful customers (that's you) laugh. And like many of history's most celebrated writers, some of our greatest design achievements come from our own personal experiences. A recent example is the instant classic “You Wanna Go Fa’Coff?” tee. There is an entertaining story behind this one, so we thought it’d be fun (terrifying?) to give you a glimpse into our imaginations to see how we create our t-shirts.

    The origin of “You Wanna Go Fa’Coff” is fairly simple, but it resonated with so many of us and now we’ve been hearing the same from you, which is what we strive for. The story comes from CDT Graphic Artist Jason Bucci’s childhood and his fond memories of growing up in a neighborhood heavily populated with Italian-Americans and Italian immigrants. One of his neighbors, Giuseppe Caruso, was one that had emigrated right from Italy so as you can imagine, he spoke pretty broken English with a thick Italian accent. He became fast friends with Jason’s dad, Ron, and began visiting a few times a week. Now, if you know anything about Italian culture, you know going for a coffee is a big part of their social world. So Giuseppe (or Joe as the Buccis know him) would come over to the house and ask Ron if he’d like to go grab some coffee…or in Joe’s words, “You wanna go fa’coff?” Understandably, Ron was a bit confused and didn’t understand what he could’ve done to offend Joe and elicit such a question. Then, after repeating it several times, Ron FINALLY decoded the question and realized what Joe was really asking. They had a good laugh and to this day, Joe and Ron are friends and will often meet for coffee (or go fa'coff) together. Jason told us this tale and immediately we knew it had to be immortalized on a t-shirt, and voila: “You Wanna Go Fa’Coff?” was born and has become the standard coffee date invitation here at Crazy Dog HQ.

    You Wanna Go Fa Coff Funny T-Shirt

    You Wanna Go Fa'Coff?

    So now that you know the story behind this hilarious t-shirt, next time you feel yourself needing a caffeine pick-me-up just break out your best Italian accent, channel Joe Caruso and ask whoever’s around if they “Wanna go fa’coff?” 

    Shop other shirts that are perfect for when You Wanna Go Fa’Coff!

    I Just Want To Drink Coffee & Rescue Dogs

    I Just Want To Drink Coffee & Rescue Dogs

    I Love

    I Love Coffee

    I like my coffee like my funny t-shirt

    I Like My Coffee Like My Soul...Black

    Sloffee Break Funny T-Shirt

    Sloffee Break

    Thanks again for taking the time to check us out. We have plenty more Coffee themed t-shirts where these came from so be sure to browse around! Whether you're a coffee fanatic or not, you're going to find something to love here at CrazyDog T-shirts. Feel like buying more than one at a time (our shirts make the best gifts...hint hint)? Don't forget to take advantage of the awesome discounts on the website! Buy One Get One 50% Off and Buy 2 Get 2 FREE, for a limited time! Have a great week!


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  4. Swimmin' In T-Shirts For A Good Cause

    Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet! As a small business, we pride ourselves on being involved and giving back to the community. Our community is Rochester, a small city in Western New York.  Although the city and surrounding areas are made up of only about 1 million people, these people have so much pride for our city and LOVE to give back. This fact has never been more apparent to us than it was last Saturday, September 9th when we put on our first ever sale at Crazy Dog HQ.

    Swimmin' In T-Shirts Sale

    We make thousands of t-shirts, so of course, we need a warehouse to store all of our hilarious designs. But recently, our warehouse has been bursting at the seams with inventory and our staff was starting to drown in a sea of shirts (albeit figuratively). Instead of letting hundreds of t-shirts sit in boxes and gather dust, we wanted to see them go to good use – and the idea for our first Swimmin’ In T-Shirts Sale was born.

    The idea: Put 20 kiddie pools in our parking lot, fill them with the overstock inventory, then invite the community to come purchase a tote bag for $10 and stuff it with as many shirts as possible. BONUS: Give half of the proceeds to a local charity.

    Kiddie Pools with T-Shirts

    We figured this idea was a little wacky, so we created a Facebook event, told our friends and family about it and thought maybe a few dozen people would come. Boy, were we wrong! Not only did HUNDREDS of people show up, they started lining up an hour before the sale even started! We got rid of almost ALL of the overstock inventory, had people shopping until the very last minute, and we even ran out of tote bags and had to improvise. On top of all of that, we raised THOUSANDS of dollars for a great cause, the Willow Domestic Violence Center of Greater Rochester.

    Shoppers Lining Up

    Shoppers in Line

    Crazy Dog HQ

    Rachel & Maryann Swimming!

    Happy Shoppers!

    We are so overwhelmed by the success of this event and the generosity of the people who came. We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that came and helped us raise money for such an important cause. It is people like you that make us proud to be a small business, locally owned and operated right here in Rochester, NY. So again, THANK YOU!

    Crazy Dog Lifeguards

    If you were at the sale and saw something you loved or are just browsing our website because you love funny t-shirts, don’t forget to take advantage of our awesome deals – Buy One Get One 50% Off and Buy 2 Get 2 FREE. Have a great week!!


    The Crazy Team at Crazy Dog T-Shirts

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  5. Nerdy T-shirts for Funny Gamer Girls!

    These days, not many things can reach the level of coolness that being a gamer girl does? All you need to do is check the definition on Urban Dictionary and you'll see that we're not kidding. Today we've got four different tees that are ideal gift for any video game obsessed lady. Each of our standard women's adult shirts come in sizes small through 2XL and are cut to fit like a slim juniors tee. Our maternity shirts, however, go up to 3XL, and have ruched sides for extra comfort around the baby bump area. Both are made of ultra-soft cotton and are cured under high heat immediately after printing in order to prevent the design from fading or flaking away.

    What's one thing that every experienced gamer loves to do on occasion? If you said PWN Noobs, pat yourself on the back. You're a winner! And to the uninitiated, to PWN somebody means to completely destroy them in in a video game environment. This is typically done to newer players in MMRO style games, such as World of Warcraft, or Everquest if you're over 35.

    Are you one of those girls who feel like a true Gamer at Heart? Perfect, because we created this funny t-shirt just for you! The red cotton apparel is just as soft as anything else in our inventory, and will look amazing on you as you Livestream your progress on Twitch for all of your fans!

    If you're an expecting mother sporting a baby bump, chances are that you and your partner are eagerly Waiting for Player 3! This funny maternity shirt has an original graphic design you will not find anywhere else. From getting laughs at your baby shower to making the most adorable pregnancy announcement ever on social media, this cute pregnant tee is everything you'll need to make it happen.

    Last but not least is the best we could come up with when it comes to lifestyle advice. Our new Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat t-shirt is perfect for funny nerds who want nothing more than to set an all-time high school. Pretty cool, isn't it? This geeky tee is available in the same 5 comfy slim fitting sizes as all of our other women's tees. You're going to love how you look in this one! 

    Thanks again to each and every one of you for stopping by to sneak a peek at our newest video game girl t-shirts. These nerdy designs are perfect for women of all ages. No matter what your personal style may be or what you're looking to throw together for an outfit, you'll really enjoy the selection of women's apparel we offer here at Nerdy Shirts. Be sure to stop by our humble little spot on the web reguarly - you never know what amazing tops we'll be dropping next!

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  6. The Dummies' Guide to Funny Nerdy T-shirts

    Hello fellow nerds, and welcome back to your number one home of geeky apparel on the internet. Today we've got four brand new funny t-shirts that we think you're going to love! Each of these items you see before you in today's blog post come in both men's and women's adult sizes. We use the softest high-quality ringspun cotton that we can find in order to ensure both comfort and durability. Our men's adult tees come in sizes small through 5XL, while our women's slim fit style is available only up to a 2XL. Being slim fits, they are snug and designed to fit like a junior's. Don't worry though, because our men's tees are actually cut to fit like a unisex!

    Did you know that Space is for Lovers? Yes, it is a lifeless, airless vacuum that will turn you inside if you happen to be in it without the comfort of a pressurized suit, but it is still for lovers. If you need proof, all you need to do is take a look at the funny nerdy t-shirt here. Pretty sweet, huh?

    Did you grow up watching adorable little happy trees being painted by a masterful hippie artist on public television? If you answered yes, you're probably going to love our Bob is Our Friend tee. Screen printed on soft light blue ringspun cotton, this cute multi-color image shows a couple of happy trees celebrating their friendship with the enigmatic Bob. The perfect gift for starving artists and retro pop culture geeks everywhere.

    Speaking of retro and vintage pop culture phenomenon, did you happen to see our beautiful new Digital Pet Maternity Shirt? With ruched sides for maximum comfort, six comfy sizes, and the same soft cotton you've become accustomed to with our other amazing styles, this funny maternity t-shirt is perfect for moms who feel like they're growing a little digital animal in their baby bump. Have you ever seen anything cuter?

    For the last item here on today's nerdy shirt blog, we're going to zip ahead back into present time. Our Ninja Spinner t-shirt. It's a funny shirt for anyone who fidgets a lot with their hands and wishes that they could play with something that moved as fast as a ninja. Amazing concept, isn't it? 

    Thanks for checking us at Nerdy Shirts out once again! Be sure to take advantage of our low prices and wide range of shipping options. Whether you're going to a local comic con style convention, the opening night at the movies for a big blockbuster, or you just want to show up to trivia night at your favorite pub with your friends in style, we've got tons of geeky tees available for you. Keep calm and nerd on!

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  7. 6 Funny Nerdy Shirts for Pop Culture Movie and TV Geeks!

    Hello fellow nerds, and welcome back to a brand new edition of the Nerdy Shirts blog!

    In case you've been living under a rock, we're knee deep into the blockbuster movie season. Some people are excited for little artsy and independent films, but today's blog is all about the excitement that comes with the release of major franchise films to the theater. Many people celebrate by showing up to the movie on opening night with a little cosplay action. While we salute your efforts, sadly we are unable to help you out in that department. What we can do however is provide you with several hysterical geeky tees that will show off your love of the amazing characters and stories at the heart of these movies. Shall we dive in?

    The first of the awesome funny t-shirts that we have for you today is our awesome Chemical Element for Iron Man design. Whether you need this graphic on a men's shirt, a women's slim fit tee, or a super soft hoodie, we've got tons of sizes and options for you to choose from. Pretty cool, don't you think?

    Feel like smashing something with your gigantic green fist? Perfect! All we ask is that you slip on one of these cool tees to give the people around you a fair warning. This soft green cotton shirt comes in a ton of kids, ladies juniors, and adult men's sizes, meaning that hulks of all shapes and sizes will have something comfy to wear.  Our Hulk Mode On t-shirt is the perfect geeky item to wear to any local comic con type of gathering!

    Movies may be big business, but they're certainly not the only thing roping in millions of viewers. Television does a pretty good job of that as well, especially when it comes to the fantasy genre. Just because something doesn't debut on the silver screen doesn't mean it isn't worthy of similar praise. One look at our super awesome Winterfell Winter Ale tee shirt is all you need to see that we're speaking the truth.

    If you feel like dispensing a little weight room justice, we suggest taking a peek at either the tee shirt or tank top version of our Flash Drive graphic design. It's perfect for those of you who are eager to see the coolest little red blur kick some butt on the big screen once again. It's one of the many little wink and nods to comic book AND computer geeks that are available here at Nerdy Shirts.

    The final funny t-shirts that we've got for you are a matched set for couples. One comes in our ladies slim fit, while the other comes in our men's adult style. (Of course, if you and your significant other want to wear the opposite item, go right ahead. We don't judge!) Taking a popular line from one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time, we think you and your partner will look awesome showing up in our brand new I Love You and I Know tees. Heck, you may just get a standing ovation from the crowd. We know we'd clap!

    Thanks for checking us out again here at Nerdy Shirts! Before you go, take a moment and look around at all of the awesome pop culture inspired designs we have here. You're going to love what you see! Not only are each of these cool items screen printed on super soft ringspun cotton, but they feature original graphic designs that geeks like you won't find anywhere else! 

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  8. Nerdy T-shirt Deals for the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season!

    Now that Halloween has come and gone, we're warping full speed ahead into Black Friday season!  Yes, it's the first week of November, but we all know just how quickly the holidays can creep up on us. If you're interested in avoiding the massive lines at the your local malls and department stores this year, we suggest taking a look at the incredible selection we have here at Nerdy Shirts.

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  9. Nerdy T-shirt Deals for the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season!

    Now that Halloween has come and gone, we're warping full speed ahead into Black Friday season!  Yes, it's the first week of November, but we all know just how quickly the holidays can creep up on us. If you're interested in avoiding the massive lines at the your local malls and department stores this year, we suggest taking a look at the incredible selection we have here at Nerdy Shirts.

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  10. 8 Nerdy Maternity Shirts for Geeky Expecting Moms

    Hello one and all, and welcome to the latest edition of the Nerdy Shirts blog! Today we're here to show off a few of our fantastic funny maternity shirts. Now, unless you spend the majority of your time hidden under a big rock, you probably know that nerd cultrue is everywhere. It's not just for popular targets for school bullies with tape holding their glasses together. The way of the geek has made its way into everything from purses and jewelry to funny maternity shirts. Speaking of maternity shirts, we've got eight cool designs that nerdy expecting moms will love.

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