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Funny Nerdy Shirts for Geeks of All Stripes!

It's an all new totally revamped, and it's here to blow your socks off with our vast, interstellar knowledge of life, the universe, and everything. Okay, so maybe we're not exactly a group of Einsteins, Hawkings, and Sagans, but we are people who love creating nerdy t-shirts. We love science fiction and comic book movies, we're crazy about our video games, and some times we cannot wait to come into work so we can talk about our favorite fantasy and science fiction TV shows. And yes, a number of our employees regularly go to the local comic-con here in Rochester, New York.

Above all else, we're in it to make you laugh. Whether you're looking for a funny maternity shirt, or something to show off your love of classic video games, you've come to the right place. We exist not only to provide you with the means to express your true inner self, but to make you and everyone you come into contact with laugh.

A Little Bit About Us...

After a great deal of negotiation and a healthy amount of preparation, we were proud to launch the brand new Nerdy Shirts website in the summer of 2016. A sister site of our new parent company CrazyDog T-shirts, which also owns the equally hilarious and Nerdy Shirts is headquartered near the downtown area of Rochester, New York. With nearly forty industry experts here under our roof, we are constantly working to bring you the funniest, most clever geek apparel for men, women, and kids. In addition to our exclusive growing collection of novelty graphic designs, we also have the capability to come up with custom items for you as well. If you need to get into contact with us, you can call us at (800) 214-3052, or shoot us an email.

 Of course, you can also reach us by mail at Nerdy Shirts, 21 Humbolt Street, Rochester, NY 14609